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Recruit a Diverse Workforce

Cybersecurity has long been dominated by white men – but that’s changing and we are committed to support that goal by encouraging minorities and women to get into the field.

Access Top-Tier Employees

When you recruit from one of our member institutions, you can be assured you are hiring graduates whose professors value innovation and work constantly to ensure their students remain up-to-date with the most current knowledge and trends in cybersecurity.

Find Qualified Candidates Faster

On average, cybersecurity roles take 21% longer to fill than other IT jobs. Successfully finding equipped applicants can save your company time and money.

Choose from a Large Local Pool

We are a one stop shop for a pool of qualified candidates. One of our the goals is to help fill regional job demand in the greater St. Louis region.

diverse workforce


Security Problem?

Our educators and experts can put together a list of researchers to address your company’s cybersecurity problems.


Our universities’ courses can help your employees
pursue the cybersecurity education they need to advance.


Review the cybersecurity programs offered by our member universities.


Career Fair Coming Soon

In partnership with The Global Center for Cybersecurity, we are organizing a career fair for Spring 2022.


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